Welcome to our website! Hi all! I am Darshit Thakkar as Wellness Coach. I share a similar goal dedicated to help other people have an active and a healthier lifestyle. With our immense love for nutrition and fitness, i are keen on inspiring and motivating more people to contribute towards a healthy and fit world. I look forward to connect with you all with positive and good vibes. Hope you enjoy our site!



Hello All I Am Darshit Thakkar and before 3 years, I was Working As a Business Relationship Manager In Yes Bank In Ahmedabad. I was very overweight Because of Poor meal planing, lots of travelling, lake of awareness About nutrition & calorie Intake, because of this condition, i was feeling Low energy, sleep disorder & poor digestive health.

As most of us do i was Finding Various Solutions For My weight loss, I tried GM Diet, GYM, Morning lemon Honey water And What not? But here Was no success.

Ultimately, I found out One good Solution To lose weight Without being Hungry. After adopting Healthy Active Life style, Sensible Eating And using Optimum Nutrition Intake Along with Calorie management In a daily routien Help me to Create my Amazing result. Now, i feel fantastic, more energatic, Confident and Looks Younger Than before. In Addition Lost 20 Kg. Extra Weight In 6 Month.



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